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Media Services:

  • Technical Direction / Vision Switching
  • Director of Photography / Camera Operations
  • ENG News Coverage
  • 4K Video Filming / Live Video Feed
  • EFP / Studio / Multi Camera Production
  • E-Sports, Conference, Music, Concert Live Coverage
  • Live Webcast / Video Streaming
  • Social Media, YouTube, Facebook Live Productions
  • Events / TVC / Advertisements / Content Creation
  • Wireless Microwave Camera Video Link
  • Video Editing / Post Production
  • Location Sound Recording
  • Press Conference PA Audio Solutions
  • Radio Communications & Wireless Intercom Solutions
  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Stock Footage
  • 24/7 Local TV Broadcast Monitoring

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About DXNMedia.net

DXNMedia.net is operated by Dixon Liw as an independent video service provider.

Trained in the media industry with more than 20 years of relevant experience, Dixon raises through the ranks by starting out as a freelancing cameraman & editor. He then joined Mediacorp as a video editor to churn out television programs, followed by working for more than 5 years as a Senior Editor/Asst. Manager with a post production company in Singapore. During his last fulltime employment, he had contributed significantly to the growth of the company in the areas of technology capability & clientele base. In the pursuit of new challenges, Dixon is now back in the industry as an independent Broadcast Editor, Director of Photography, location sound recordist, video media / Technical consultant, and a part-time lecturer at local universities, polytechnics and media academy.

Dixon graduated from Middlesex University with 1st class honours in Recording Arts, and also holds a Diploma in Film, Sound & Video where he majored in Audio / Film / Video acquisition and Broadcast Post Production. His years of creative editorial experience in television & video media led him into the consultation and training sector. His knowledge in AV technology, coupled with his video production & post-production background enables him to be a specialist consultant in the field of new media where application, content acquisition, processing, and delivery are at the utmost importance for realization.

Dixon's editing and audio mixing works ranged from Television Commercials, Telemovies, Serial drama, Entertainment programs, Current Affairs, Documentaries, live sports, to Corporate event/training/instructional videos. Majority of his broadcast television projects have been aired locally as well as internationally via channels like MTV Asia, Disney Channel, Discovery Networks, ESPN/Fox Sports, Diva Channel, StarWorld, Bloomberg, and National Geographic Channel, and all of which demands high quality delivery standards.

Apart from editing and audio mixing for broadcast television, his scope of work also ranges from multi-camera productions, operating live graphics in Mediacorp's production of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire series by ITV, system designing and setting up of post production & AV facilities, training of staff and junior editors, and also to creating and compositing opening graphics sequence for television series like Mediacorp's Maggie & Me.

Dixon is constantly on the look out for new challenges that is in line with his passion and speciality in Broadcast & Media. He can be hired on an hourly, daily or on projects basis for production, post production, consultation or training works.

Kindly email Dixon for his CV/resume.

Dixon's Credit List:

Here are some active video links to what I've worked on:

Camera Works
BWF Player Feature - Ronald Susilo #1
BWF Player Feature - Ronald Suslio #2

E! News ENG Interviews - Jason Mraz
E! News ENG Interviews - Tennis Star
E! News ENG WTA Gala Coverage
E! News ENG Interviews - Tennis Stars
E! News ENG Interviews - Nathan Hortono
E! News ENG Interviews - KPOP stars
E! News ENG Interviews - KPOP stars
E! News ENG Interviews - KPOP stars

Camera & Editing Works
Lagardere Sports - SMBC Kids Golf Carnival Event
Lagardere Sports - SMBC Junior Golf Clinic
Lagardere Sports/Fox Sports - Jasmine Goh Marathon Runner

Editing / Post Production Works
National Geographic - AirCrash Investigations: Silkair185
Discovery Channel Networks - Emperor of the Seas
National Geographic Channel - Warrior Bees
Mediacorp Channel 5 Telemovie - Common Space
Mediacorp Suria Telemovie - Pesan Ayah

Multicamera Switching / Technical Direction
Channel News Asia Insights Ep31
Channel News Asia Insights Ep36

Here's a more comprehensive list of credible video / broadcast programs that I've worked on:

Channel News Asia, Insights Ep31 - Asia's Response To Climate Change, Technical Director / Vision Switching
E! Asia Online, Camera Operator
MTV Hyperplay, Esports gaming & Music concert production, Camera Operator
BWF Badminton Unlimited, Ronald Susilo Segment, Camera Operator
Avengers, Movie Red Carpet Event, Camera Operator
Cosentino, The Elements Street Magic, Camera Operator
E!News, Camera Operator
Lagardere Sports, SMBC Singapore Open promos, Camera Operator / Editor
Asia's Next Top Model Promo, Camera Operator
How Do I look Asia Promo, Camera Operator
Singapore Jazz Festival 2014/15, Camera Operator
World Sport Group - 2015 Asean PGA Golf Highlights, Editor
Bloomberg TV - High Flyer series 2014/15/16/17, Camera Op
World Sport Group - 2014 AFC & ACL Highlights, Editor
BlueRiver Production - 2014 Pesan Ayah Telemovie, Post Facility / Editor
The Salvation Army 2014 Live Stream Conference, Camera Operator
2014 HSBC Women's Forum - Location Soundman
BlueRiver Production - 2013 Common Space Telemovie, Post Facility / Editor
World Sport Group - Football Asia 2013/14, Segment Editor
World Sport Group - Asean PGA Highlights 2012-14, Editor
2014 Singapore Airshow Launch Ceremony - Multicamera Facility / Camera Director
2013 Bloomberg Square Mile Relay Run - Microwave Wireless Camera Facility / RF Engineer
2013 The Amazing Race Vietnam (Singapore Leg), Camera Operator
Shell - 2013 Lego F1 car launch event - Editor
IMG - ICC360 Cricket Highlight Show - Editor
Bloomberg TV - Islamic Finance Special Show - Editor
F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2011 - VT & Highlights Editor for Live GPTV
Thomson Reuters - Science news report, ENG Cam Op/Editor
SportFive - Li Ning Badminton International, ENG Cam Op / Editor
SportFive - Starhub Football Channel FCDaily Show, Highlights Editor
ZDF TV - New Zealand Earthquake Reports, Editor
Red Bull Event - Female Driver Search Asia, ENG Cam Op
World Sport Group - WA PGA Australian Open 2010, Editor
World Sport Group - SCC Rugby7 2010, Highlights Editor
World Sport Group - Singapore Barclay's Open 2010, ENG Camera Op & Editor
F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - VT & Highlights Editor for Live GPTV
Walton Land Banking - Multicamera Coverage for Talkshow Event
World Sport Group - Mercedes Benz Tour 2010 Golf Highlights, Editor
World Sport Group - Mercedes Benz Tour 2009 Golf Highlights, Editor
Landrover Fire/Ice launch in Singapore - DOP, Post Production
F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2009 - VT & Highlights Editor for Live GPTV
World Sport Group - 1st Asian Youth Games Singapore Daily Highlights - Editor
World Sport Group - Indian Premier League @ South Africa (Cricket Highlights) - Editor
2009 New Year Countdown Party @ Clark Quay - Multicamera Coverage for stage performance
F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2008 - VT & Highlights Editor for Live GPTV
Music video for Sichuan Earthquake - Post Production Sponsor, Editor
NTUC Mayday video - Editor
DBS Singapore - CEO Farewell video, DOP / Editor
Mediacorp - Home Decor, Editor
World Sport Group - Live 2007 Barclays Singapore Open's Opening Sequence, Editor
Mediacorp - I Cook For You (SM Lee/Japanese Food Episode), Segment Editor
World Sport Group - Asian Tour Weekly, Segment Editor
Discovery Channel - The Final Sacrifice, Online Editor
Discovery Channel - Emperor of the Seas, Online Editor, Hi-Definition project
Discovery Channel - Asian Enigma 2 China, Online Editor
National Geographic Channel - SilkAir 185 Pilot Suicide?, Online Editor
National Geographic Channel - Warrior Bees, Online Editor
National Geographic Channel - World Cyber Games, Online Editor
Disney Channel Asia - The World According to Me series, Editor/Camera
Disney Channel Asia - Studio D Episodes/D-Race/STOMP!, Editor
Disney Channel Asia - Zoom In & Streetcam VT Segments, Editor
Channel [V] - Channel [V] Party At Zouk 2006 Highlights, Editor
Mediacorp Singapore, Channel 5 - Maggie & Me Opening Graphics, Editor/Graphics Compositing
Mediacorp Singapore, Channel U - City Slickers Opening Graphics, Graphics Compositing
Mediacorp Singapore - Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Live Graphics Operator

Click here to view my complete credit list, updated as of 2009 Jan.

Click here to view my 2007 Showreel: A summary of work that I've done.
Click here to view some of my past broadcast & Corporate works.
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DXNMedia Services

DXNMedia Services is a Singapore registered business (Reg. #53109564M) managed & owned by Dixon Liw.

In 2008, the business was started by providing event filming, ENG/news coverage and mobile post production services for on-site, time-critical news broadcast & live sports production.

With many years of post background, we also acquired the necessary VTR & equipment to support various Digital Betacam & HDCAM tape formats, with capabilities to provide file conversions and tape mastering services for broadcast deliveries.

As industry demands & technology changed, we expanded our capabilites to provide support in 4K video filming, multicamera electronic field productions (EFP) and small scale OB services. Our current line of switcher packages are designed to be agile & compact, capable to handle up to 4 HDSDI cameras for SNG / live switched news uplinks, or webcasting demands.

Aside from traditional broadcasting, we are also able to provide solutions for IP based video streaming and mobile 4G live webcasting services.

From creative and dramatic film making, news / current affairs and documentary television productions, to entertainment / sports for live broadcasts, business events & conferences, panel discussions, or townhall meetings, we have the know-how and technical experience to handle your video requirements.

If your team or organisation need short informal technical training in filming and webcasting equipment, learn lighting and production techniques, we are also able to conduct workshops to cater to your demands to improve the skillsets of in-house production teams.

Give us a shout and we hope to be of service in one way or another.

Latest News & Promotions

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023 - 2020 Year Review

Happy Holidays and New Year greetings for 2023.

The world economy was not doing so well from 2020 thru 2022's post Covid19 recovery and our industry was certainly affected too. 2020~2021 saw us ramping up on our live streaming capabilities as the world pivots to using live streaming and video conferencing, an area that we have been supporting all along.
We expanded our services from using Wirecast to vMix systems and went into NDI workflows.
We accquired more NDI encoders for multi-source inputs to software based switchers & encoders.

Till date, we can support up to 4 NDI camera inputs on a typical ethernet based vMix to stream setup.

2022, we phased out some older cameras and lenses inventory and jumped on the mirrorless video systems as the technology gets better to suit our workflow and client requirements.
Our current main camera inventory are still the good old ENG Shoulder rigged PXW-FS5, A7iv Video rigs and a couple of other camcorders like the PXW-Z190, Z90 and HXR-NX80

In 2023, we aim to change our camera inventory to the Sony FX6, FX3 or FX30 series, and get back into supporting fast turnaround editing solutions again.
The new Apple M1 and M2 CPU systems have been phenomenal in video performances when we did a test edit with Davinci Resolve for the recent 2022 World Cup final highlights.
The entry level to invest in a decent edit system have gone down signficantly and we may ramp up on our post production services.

Meanwhile, have a safe and great 2023 ahead to all our partners, vendors and clients!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 - 2019 Year Review

Happy Holidays and New Year greetings for 2020.
As we are always evolving and improving, we are pleased to announce that our camera line-up and inventory are all 4K capable, in line with international broadcast standard requirements.
We have added more Sony E-Mount lenses into our inventory, and also added 2 other compact video switcher system for smaller scale work.
Talk to us for your requirements. We welcome your enquiries.
All our latest equipment & work photos are available publicly at our Facebook page.

View latest pictures of our equipment and gears from Facebook

LiveU Solo For Live Streaming Services to Facebook, Youtube, etc..

We are pleased to announce that we've completed all testing for our LiveU Solo system with subscription to cloud-based bonded uplink services. With 3x 4G LTE connections available over WIFI, LAN and USB Modems, we can now provide very reliable live video streaming services confidently from anyplace where 4G connectivity is available.

For 3G/4G and broadband internet services, we all understand that even Telcos and ISP providers cannot provide guarenteed upload bandwidth speeds unless it's a dedicated leased line. Regular internet connections are subjected to connection loss and surge in bandwidth due to many reasons of being a shared service. The cost of having a dedicated leased line for ad-hoc events is very expensive.

Advantage of our LiveU Solo system over single internet connection for uploading is that your video stream is buffered to a secured server over multiple connections, before being pushed to your Content Delivery Network (CDN - eg. Facebook Live, Youtube, UStream, etc..). Uploading and delivery speed, video quality and framerates are thus maintained for mission critical video delivery applications.

View latest pictures of our equipment and gears from Facebook

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 - 2017 Year Review

New Year greetings for 2018 as it marks our 10th year in business. We haven't been updating photos in our website as we've shifted the photo and equipment updates to our Facebook page.

View latest pictures of our equipment and gears from Facebook

  • In summary, few major 2017 updates are:

  • We've adopted the Sony FS5 XDCAM & Emount lenses as our primary 4K camera system.

  • Due to increasing demands, we've upgraded our live streaming capabilities with latest Wirecast Pro 8.2 software and added in a couple of USB Webcam compliant BMD Web Presenters for hassle-free Facebook & Youtube Live streaming.

  • Earlier in the year, we've started to be 4K capable with 3 new units of Canon XC10.

  • We also accquired 1 unit of Sony RX10 III and A6000 for 4K & HD XAVC-S acquisition, especially useful for compact deployment and slow-motion recording.

  • We have added 2 units of 1/3" CMOS HDSDI capable cameras with Night Vision capabilities for complete darkness filming of wild life or reality programs.
    These cameras are zero latency as a live multicamera source for streaming, and are sensitive to 850nm InfraRed lights for nocturnal usage.

  • We have added Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio HD switcher unit in our inventory.

  • We have Thermal Imaging Cameras available for basic recording, sports analysis and can function as a live source for multicamera or streaming.

  • For audio, we've completed our transition to digital 2.4ghz systems with Rodelink & Audio Technica System10 wireless ENG mics.

  • For post production, we're full on with Adobe Premiere, although we're still running FCP7 for live HDSDI output requirements as they prove to be a lot more reliable during playout.

View latest pictures of our equipment and gears from Facebook

Power Tools & Generator Equipment

  • One of our key services is in providing video production support, and being self-sustainable in our deployment is crucial. Be it an ENG, SNG, Outside Broadcast (OB) production, or for crew welfare at the production container or tentage, we need power. Power to run portable aircon, fans, and charge our camera & video equipment.

  • We specially stock up on lightweight, mini, compact, portable & quiet power generators or gensets capable of outputing 230v ~ 240v, 50Hz 550w, 800w, & 1000w respectively, with a wide choice of using easily available gasoline, LPG, or 2T premixed gasoline.

  • Our choice of gensets in our inventory aren't just basic models, but care have been taken to ensure that we only buy pure Sinewave output systems that provides stable and clean power that won't affect our AV equipment.

  • On top of the generators, we also have a few pure sinewave UPS backup systems for ultimate peace of mind especially when technical failure is not an option.

  • Other than expanding our range of portable generators, we've just added a gasoline powered blower from Makita. This blower can generate windspeeds of up to 230kph or 64m/sec for equipment cooling, ventilation, or even for special effects filming applications.

  • We also have 12volts batteries, solar & inverter systems of 300w ~ 800w for short term, clean & quiet operations.

  • Generator rental is available within Singapore to non-affiliated media crew or industries, however, a security deposit will be required upon rental agreement.

New Audio Equipment

  • We have phased out our old Beachtek DXA-5D audio input device and upgraded to these new audio mixer recorders.

  • The Tascam & Fostex units can both work as a standalone audio recorder, or outputs a mic/line level signal for reference/sync audio into the DSLR cameras.

  • Also available are a full range of boom / Shotgun microphones, wireless lavaliers, PZM boundary mics, etc... for location sound recordings, performance / concert recordings.

Micro Four Thirds Video Systems

  • New in our inventory is the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera.

  • This marks the start of our equipment expansion into Micro Four Thirds video systems, with Panasonic GH4K & Blackmagic Studio cameras next in the queue to our equipment list.

  • With our current range of full-frame Nikkor & Angenieux optics, couple with Metabones lens adaptors, we've pretty much gotten all the focal length covered, whether for super tele usage for sports coverage, or ultra wide for in-car rigs.

  • Getting a camera system for us doesn't just mean buying the camera. We make sure that we have solution to power the system in all possible kinds of scenario to ensure a trouble-free operation.

Signal Conversion / HDSDI 1920x1080 Scalers

  • Our list of convertors are constantly expanding to provide various solutions for baseband signal conversion.

  • One of the latest in our inventory is the AJA ROI for conversion of DVI signals to HDSDI baseband video output.

  • The AJA ROI can do region scaling, meaning that we can select any part of your DVI screens, at any resolutions, and push out to a standard HDSDI signal. Perfect for doing a live-to-air skype/video chat, showing live Ustream / Youtube / Internet content, or even down to basic powerpoint to HDSDI conversion.

  • Getting a bit more creative, we can also configure it as a quick & dirty way of getting live graphics or scoreboards to be presented on-air via our video switchers.

Walkie Talkie / Two-way radios / Radio Communications Services

  • As the scale of our project grows, we have to deal with quite a number of crew for coordination, and thus the scale of our communication equipment & requirements have also increased.

  • Complying with local radio communication license requirements, we now have more than 10 approved two-way radios, and over 20 units of license-free PMR446 radios in our inventory to provide crew management & reliable communication services specifically for the media & events industry.

  • We have a huge variety of headsets, earpieces, antennas & accessories for different applications, and we also have short-range 2.4ghz wireless full duxplex intercoms to supplement our main two-way radio systems.

  • If required, we can be engaged as radio communication consultants to plan & manage your communication needs for your events or live broadcasting. Short term rental is only available for our Motorola license-free radios.

  • We have know-how in programming radios, setting up repeater stations, selecting & rigging antennas for stationary base-stations as well as for mobile vehicles.

  • Some examples of professional radio communication requirements are for documentary productions, sports event live coverage (Marathon, sailing, racing, motorsports, etc..), deployment of safety & emergency vehicles, safety check-points, command & control, and also co-ordinating with other agencies or teams working within the same event.

Compact PA system for Press Conferences & Live Shows

  • We have upgraded our basic ultra portable 150w Public Address (PA) audio system to a bigger and more powerful sound reinforcement system.

  • Our Mackie 400w & Yamaha 300w PA units will be perfect for indoor venues, and for supporting events like press conferences, live streaming, teleconferences, seminars and workshops. We can deploy all units to handle a larger venue if need be.

  • We've accquired our sound reinforcement gears with mobility in mind, operating with minimal crew & setup fuss.

  • Our PA package can be included with either a 150w, 300w or 500w system, 5 to 16 channels audio mixer complete with 4 to 10 wireless/wired handheld microphones, lavalier / clip microphones, table gooseneck microphones, etc...

  • With our telephone hybrid systems, we are also able to support audio conferences via mobile phones, Inmarsat satellite phones or any other standard landline.

  • We also have AC generator sets, battery & inverter systems for mobile and self-reliant field PA setups. If you need a mobile PA or audio broadcast system on a vehicle, we have the capabilities to rig one up for your applications.

2nd Multicamera Flyaway System

  • Having phased out our analog video multicamera switcher system, we've now built another flyaway multicamera kit.

  • Our compact switcher kit comprises of a Blackmagic Design ATEM 1ME unit, a 17" HDSDI monitor and a Hyperdeck Studio SSD recorder.

  • Capable of handling up to 4 HDSDI inputs & 4 HDMI sources for VT playback, PC graphics input, as well as any other graphics or super input system.

  • The multicamera service we provide can be in modular form, meaning that we can just supply our HD switcher with operator & intercom systems, and the client just supply the HD cameras with your own crew.

Post Production Capability

  • With the latest acquisition of a portable HDCAM VTR, we can now handle playback & mastering of HDCAM (Small cassette) tapes.

  • We provide in-house support for Quicktime / FCP / AVID files to HDCAM tape mastering for broadcast delivery, as well as program archival to HDCAM tapes.

  • With the HDCAM VTR, we can now handle HDCAM to HDCAM transfers / dubbing / cloning, as well as perform Digital Betacam to HDCAM (SD to HD) upconversion.

  • On top of this, we still maintain playback support of PAL or NTSC Digital Betacam, BetacamSP, BetacamSX, MPEG-IMX, DVCAM & HDV.

Telephone Hybrid & IFB support for Sports, News and Talkshows

  • Our latest professional telephone hybrid system with IFB (Interruptible Foldback)capabilities allow us to be able to record live telephone interviews with exceptional audio quality.

  • Adopting JK Audio's best mobile solution, our RemoteMix4 system can handle Intercom cue and telephone signals from all types of landline, Digital PABX, Mobile phones, or any other phones with Bluetooth headset capability.

  • We are also able pull voice conversations or studio cues off our Inmarsat ISatPhone for recording of live chats for critical radio/tv news, sports and talkshow programs.

  • Within this compact package, our system can handle up to 4 local hosts with indepedent IFB monitoring, conversing with 1 telephone line that may handle up to as many teleconference call as the service provider can support.

Globally Connected with Inmarsat

  • DXNMedia Services is now globally connected with Inmarsat's voice/text & data satellite service.

  • International clients & news agencies can reach us at our Inmarsat number during emergencies or when local land/mobile lines are not available.

  • If we are engaged as part of your production crew, we can also supply our satellite phone for co-ordination or emergency communications. Likewise, we can provide basic services to operate as your communication centre to track your crew's position or relay messages.

  • Given ample notification, we can also provide satellite broadband services using BGAN terminals for internet live video streaming.

  • To reach us via satellite, you can visit Inmarsat's wesbite to send us a free text message.
    For voice calls, you'll need to dial your service provider's outgoing IDD code, followed by our Inmarsat number starting with +870.
    *Note: Our mobile/land line/email communication still takes precedence as first point of contact.

Tapeless transition for DXNMedia Services

  • 2012 marks a year for our full tapeless transition where we put our foot down and do away with tape-based recordings.

  • Our latest gear acquisition is the Blackmagic Design's Hyperdeck Studio to be mainly used as our multicamera master program recorder.

  • With 2x 512GB SSDs, we can sustain 2 hours of 10bit Uncompressed HD recordings, or up to 10 hours of Avid's DNxHD codec for native file compatibility with Media Composer.

  • The Hyperdeck Studio can also be used with digital movie cameras like the F3, Alexa or RED for 10bit Uncompressed HD recordings.

  • The acquisition of this deck essentially allow us to support all known tapeless formats from the highest quality 10bit uncompressed, Apple ProRES, Avid DNxHD, DVCProHD, AVC-Intra, XDCAM EX, to the lowest quality AVCCAM / AVCHD / H.264 codecs.

DXNMedia adopts remote control Camera Modules

  • Utilising the latest HD camera heads, we now offer options of using remote controlled camera modules for multicamera or live streaming setups.

  • Also known as "Hot-heads", this Pan/Tilt/Zoom module are used extensively in modern TV studios to cut down on manpower.

  • Excellent option for use on a jib, or as concealed camera where it's not viable to have an operator in view.

  • Two options of remote control, Wireless IR or wired Joystick. It outputs 1080/50i HDSDI signals, where we can do ISO recording to tapeless format as pictured with a AJA Ki Pro Mini recorder.

DXNMedia goes tapeless for video acquisition

  • (L-R) Panasonic AG-HPX372, JVC GY-HM700, Panasonic AG-AC160, Canon 7D Rig, Panasonic AG-HMR10/ACK10 POVCAM & AG-HSC1U / HDC-SD1 cameras

  • We have officially phased out & dropped tape-based cameras (DV, DVCAM, HDV) out of our inventory for video acquisition, but still maintain playback & ingest support for miniDV, DV, DVCAM, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG-IMX & HDCAM.

  • All our cameras are HD-SDI capable, meaning that as long as the front-end camera sensor are still useful for HD or below 2K acquisition, we can technically support any other known forms of recording formats by using our available AJA Ki Pro Mini & AVCHD recorder for ProRES422 or H264/MPEG4 codecs, or other recording devices like the P2 Recorder, NanoFlash or Sound Devices PIX for AVC-Intra, MPEG2 or Avid DNxHD codecs.

  • The only CCD-based camera in our inventory is the XDCAM based JVC GY-HM700, and it is perfect for applications that CMOS based cameras cannot hold up. (eg. Fast motion sports, and heavy flash/strobes ENG event coverage like press conferences, etc..)

HD-DSLR Video Rigs

  • Yes, we have been a late adoptor because we don't quite think the technical quality is good, but we can't keep declining our regular clients requests and disappoint them.....so finally in late 2011, here is our own HD-DSLR Video Rig.

  • Using the Canon 7D body for our imager, we have a huge variety of Nikon & Angenieux lenses with proper follow focus system for use....yes, we have lens adaptors for EOS-Nikon mounts.

  • Our experience also told us that we cannot save on getting a good viewfinder, thus we chose the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5x unit.

  • Our BeachTek DXA-5D also finally have it's own partner to work with, and once Canon can sort out a clean HDMI output signal, we can also use our Ki Pro Mini to record better quality videos than using a compromised H264 .mov onboard recording.

HD Camera Mount Microwave Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver

  • Our third wireless video transmission system is a HD capable system operating in the license-exempt 2.4Ghz band.

  • Utilising the latest technology in video encoding & transmission, our wireless system provides unsurpassed reliability in sending HD video over the WiFi band.

  • We have Omni, Sector & Patch antennas for all kinds of possible operating environment with range of up to 200m-300m near line of sight.

  • HDSDI & Component inputs on the transmitter, receiver module in a 2U Flight case can output HDSDI, HDMI & Component video signals with less than 50 frames / 2sec delay from transmit to receive.

Live Webcasting & Video Streaming

  • With the wide availability of online streaming servers, we are now able to provide low-cost video streaming solutions.

  • We utilise broadcast grade encoding hardware and streaming software to further value add to our multicamera production capabilities.

  • Our encoding systems are able to take in HD-SDI & SDI video signals, as well as Composite, component or DV signals via firewire.

  • Streaming quality, latency & audience reach capability however, will vary significantly depending on internet connection speed at your webcasting venue.

Full Duplex Wireless Intercom

  • Finally, after months of choosing a good wireless intercom set, we put our money down on the industry leading HME-Clearcom system.

  • 4-pax Full Duplex wireless communications with capability to add up to 15 Push-To-Talk/listen-only beltpacks.

  • AC or self-sustainable on battery operations

  • Usually deployed for multicamera productions, but can be very effective for use to coordinate key position crew on set.

  • This system compliments our existing iDA licensed VHF transceiver sets for longer range wireless communications.

AJA Ki Pro Mini

  • Included in our inventory in 2011 is the latest AJA KiPro Mini recorder.

  • We are now able to record ProRES quality video for Direct-to-Edit on FCP.

  • Popular with XDCAM EX & DSLR camera workflows, the Ki Pro Mini can record with a better intra-frame based codec than H.264 or MPEG2 Long GOP native files.

  • On the average, a 64gb Compact flash card does about 60mins of ProRES or 40mins of ProRES HQ video.

  • Cam Ops & Director of Photography can be too engrossed with making sure his primary role is not compromised, and we can be engaged to be on-set as Digital Imaging Technicians (DIT), VT operators, or data-wranglers to assist in making sure your video files are captured & organised properly for post production.

Video Equipment Rental services in the East, Singapore

  • As much as gear rental is not our main business focus, regular clients have been requesting us to be able to support their productions by dry-hiring out our equipment.

  • In 2011, DXNMedia will extend our services to rent out selected gear packages to our regular clients and affiliated crew.

  • For some of our specialised gears, we will require our own trained crew to be present.

  • Equipment collection & return will be strictly limited to 9pm ~ 12am daily at our operating address. Best to call and check for availability prior to booking & collection arrangements.

  • Email us for a full equipment listing


  • The addition of this JVC GY-HM700 HD camera to our inventory increased our support capability to include acquisition in XDCAM EX 35mpbs format that is native to Final Cut Pro.

  • Originally intended to be used for our multicam setup with it's HDSDI output feature, we found that this underrated camera is in fact one of the best small form factor ENG camera available.

  • We can now support the following formats for video acquisition: DVCAM, DVcPro50, HDV, AVCHD, XDCAM EX, DVCProHD, AVC-Intra50, AVC-Intra100. Also with our AJA KiPro Mini & AG-HMR10 AVCHD recorder, we can piggyback and configure for any recording possibilities including Apple's ProRES422 family of formats.

Panasonic POVCAM

  • To compliment our existing AG-HMR10 AVCHD HD-SDI Recorder, it was quite a natural move to acquire the AG-HCK10 POVCAM to increase our acquisition capabilities.

  • This POVCAM system is probably the only AVCHD system to be approved for television use by BBC & major documentary channels.

  • The camera module can be mounted at almost any positions (eg. In-car, on vehicle, undercarriage, etc...), and we can also deploy this system on our small jib-arm, monopods or boom poles to simulate a pole-mounted camera move.

  • This system can also be used for security, survillance, & any many other forms of discreet video documentation purposes.

High Definition Compact Multi Camera Video Switcher

  • To provide a wider range of service in mobile location production, we have upgraded and improved our multicamera capability to fully support HD video switching.

  • With 4x HD/SD-SDI input & 1x DVI/HDMI Input, we can support production requirements from sports, concerts, seminars, talk-shows, interviews, variety, webcasting, iMAG (Internet Magazine) and events coverage.

  • Being AC power independant, our setup can run completely on batteries. We can setup our multicamera system in OB Vans, isolated locations and virtually any possible venues without major limitations.

  • We also have a range of HDSDI or SDI cameras & intercom systems to complete our multicamera production service.

LED Video Lights

  • Having tried many different types of lighting units from Tungstens, HMIs to Kinoflo, etc, we have now invested in our own fresnel & large-array LED lighting units.

  • Our venture into using LED lights for video filming have been an expensive trial, but the experience gained were invaluable. We have mastered the characteristics of LED lighting for video applications, and are now able to confidently provide our LED lighting services for your filming requirements.

  • We have a variety of extremely powerful, mobile & battery powered LED panels & customised LED Spots, all balanced closely to match 3200K or 5600K filming.

  • Email/Call us to engage our portable lighting solutions & services.

DXNMedia chooses AG-HPX372 for broadcast video acquisition

  • It took us a while to decide on acquiring a full-size ENG camera after 10 years since the S-VHS Supercam days.

  • Finally putting our money down, we chose this Panasonic AG-HPX372 largely because of the capabilities of Intra-Frame based recording formats which are good for chroma keying acquisition. Most cameras at similar pricing range cannot perform as well on this area due to the recording format, and newer generations of camera are getting more highly compressed than ever.

  • Going for a full size ENG camera meant that we can have integrated Unislot based audio receivers. This meant lesser accessories to worry about, and lesser cables to deal with as compared to using Bodypack based receivers which will take up a cold-shoe slot.

  • Pictured is our ENG configured AG-HPX372 with an onboard dual diversity audio receiver. We can support either wireless bodypack lapel mic for 'run&gun' shoots or using hand-held wireless mic for presenter/host.

HD-SDI to AVCHD Mastering

  • As the trends of using AVCHD for delivery picks up, we chose the AG-HMR10 recorder for capabilties to master any HD-SDI video source back into AVCHD.

  • This allows a fully compliant AVCHD file structure to be mastered back into low-cost SDHC cards for playback with SDHC reader equipped playback devices like BluRay players, TV sets, PlayStation3, and of course many other types of media players that can handle .MTS file.

  • Other than using this as a mastering recorder, we are able to deploy the AG-HMR10 as our field monitor for basic checking of HDSDI signals with waveform & vectorscope readings.

  • We also use the AG-HMR10 as a backup recorder for our new AG-HPX372 camera.

Edit-As-You-Capture with Telestream Pipeline

  • With our Telestream Pipeline network SDI Video ingest system, we are now capable of true 'edit-as-you-capture' capabilities for on-site editing.

  • This feature is a simulation of a single channel EVS where we can provide slow-motion playback and time-critical highlights editing for live programs.

  • We are also able to provide remote recording capabilities for our microwave camera setup, where piece-to-cameras or roving-camera footage can be recorded and immediately edited for live VT playback.

Broadcast Grade Monitoring

  • March 2010, we've upgraded our monitoring capabilities with the latest JVC multi-format professional broadcast grade LCD monitors.

  • We are now able to confidently provide basic & accurate color-grading services for broadcast video mastering.

  • We are also able to provide field monitoring services with Waveform & Vectorscope functions for critical on-location filming & post production requirements.

  • With multi-input capabilities, we can handle and monitor any known video formats from Composite, Component, SDI, HDSDI, and DVI/HDMI signals.

Merry Xmas 2009 & a Happy 2010 year ahead!

  • 2010 will be our 3rd year in operations and DXNMedia Services sincerely thank all our clients for the continual support and trust in our work.

  • Here's a summary of what we've done in 2009 to improve & increase our range of media services.

Jib / Crane Services

  • We now have an extremely lightweight, compact, and hassle-free jib service package available.

Jib / Camera crane service package includes the following:

  • Kessler KC-Lite 8.0 Jib system

  • 4.5kg Payload

  • 2.4m Maximum Height

  • Tilt Control

  • Wheeled dolly

  • Varizoom Sony LANC controller

  • LCD Monitor

  • Jib Operator / Assistant Services

Precision Measurement Tools

  • Achieving technical excellence is always a top priority with DXNMedia Services.
    We are serious enough about our work to invest in the following audio & video measurement tools to ensure that your production are technically good.

  • Audio Spectrum Analyzers can be used to calibrate your monitoring speakers in your post suite, as well as to take measurements of noise levels in studios or on-location.
    With noise analysis, fixing audio problems in post can be a less painful process.

  • Color Meters can be used to determine the color temperature of our lighting source.
    In the modern lighting for video/film technology, we are usually exposed to a wide variety of lighting source from LEDs, PL tubes (kinos), Tungsten, T4, T5, etc...

    All these light source emits different color temperatures. A dedicated color meter provides a more accurate measurement, and it also allows us to be able to grade your film more effecitvely.

  • Laser Distance Meter & Range Finders
    In traditional film acquisition, we use measuring tape to measure our focusing distance from the film plane to the subject. Using the laser distance meter is a much simiplfied way of obtaining focusing through distance measurement as we can just point the beam to obtain an accurate reading.

    As we also provide Special effects direction and supervision services, the distance meter is used to take object distance relationship in a scene so that we can translate the data for 3D animation and compositing. A primitive method compared to match-move and other better compositing techniques, but it does the work to provide useful information for 3D animators and modellers.

    Last but not least, we use the distance meter and laser range finders to obtain a confident line-of-sight operating distance for our wireless microwave transmission.

  • Light Meters are mainly used in film/cine productions, and may be rendered to be a bit pointless to use in a video production. However, we still employ the use of light meters to ensure that our lighting ratios are set correctly in a scene.
    Any decent & skilled DOP should have one in their arsenal of tools.

    More to come.....Waveform & vectorscopes..

Audio Acquisition for DSLR Filming workflow

  • We have acquired the Beachtek DXA-5D that allows professional XLR connectivity to most DSLR cameras with 3.5mm 'Mic-in-power' input like the Canon 5DMkII and 7D.

  • This device defeats the built-in ACG feature so that the camera will not do an auto gain riding.

  • Pictured is also the latest AJA IoExpress for portable waveform monitoring and field capture of DSLR footage via HDMI.

Video Acquisition Formats

  • In our move to support the 'NTSC' market for international clients and overseas video crew,
    DXNMedia Services increased our video production capability to support DVCProHD acquisition in 60i, 30p or 24p with our Panasonic AG-HVX200 P2 camera.

  • We are able to serve the regional market like Philippines, USA, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

  • This brings our capability to support the follow acquisition formats:
    - Standard Definition, DVCAM 576/25i (PAL)
    - Standard Definition, DVCAM 480/30i (NTSC)
    - Standard Definition, DVCPRO P2 480 in 60i/30/24p
    - Standard Definition, DVCPRO50 P2 480 in 60i/30/24p
    - High Definition, HDV 1080/50i
    - High Definition, HDV 1080/60i
    - High Definition, DVCProHD 1080i/720p in 60/30/24

Stock Music & SFX Library

  • Stop worrying about copyright issues when using music in sync with your video!
    DXNMedia have our pre-paid library of production music for use in broadcast, web, or corporate videos.

  • Over 1000 tracks to choose from, genres available from Rock, Jazz, Inspirational, Instrumental, etc...
    You'll get to use our music & effects library for just a small fee if you do audio post with us.

Microwave Camera / Wireless Video Link

  • With our new license-exempt digital microwave video transmitters, we can now operate wireless cameras with reliable digital video link for up to 800m line of sight.

  • Ideal for Steadicam operations, roving camera for sports events, seminars, live-to-screen, live broadcast, aerial / in-vehicle video transmission. Our microwave video systems are used by CBS, Australian Channel Seven, BBC, and many other independant ENG/OB production facilities ranging from sports hall, stadiums, racing tracks and even unmanned camera drones.

  • WiFi Band Operation, Standard Definition (PAL or NTSC) Composite or Component input, 12 frames delay between transmitter to receiver. Our wireless camera package includes transmitter, camera, shotgun or hand-held microphone, camera operator and receiving base station.

Executive Producing

  • In support of local independent Film & Music art scene, Dixon will be willing to provide personal funding, production and/or post production support to aspiring filmmakers who possess a good script, storyboard, and detailed production planning.

  • Likewise for the local music scene, Dixon is always on the lookout for talented bands and individual artistes with original compositions to produce Music Videos.

    - Terms & Conditions apply

Buy / Sell Used Professional Video & broadcast Equipment in Singapore

We have recently setup a dedicated webpage just to facilitate us in selling off our under utilised video equipment and also to help sell off surplus video equipment from our installation projects.

Meanwhile, we are also looking out for broadcast equipment for our own use.
Please feel free to visit our Buy/sell website.

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